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Monster Power Black Platinum 1200 Review

Monster Power Black Platinum 1200

The monster power black platinum 1200 is One of the best electric filters HD clean with power surge suppressor protectors feature, which can be used on electronic entertainment devices in the home and that meets all the requirements of the protection of expensive electronics with the addition of a new network feature Ethernet over powerline adapter and 2 USB ports charger with 12 surge protected outlets.

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Get Clean HD Power® Stage 2 to improve Audio/Video

Monster Power Black Platinum 1200 offers many advantages such as advanced clean power surge protector and working on filtering interference EMI/RFI and processing power dirty which are produced from household devices such as refrigerators, heaters water, freezer, as well as fluorescent light bulbs, etc. all of this stuff cause impurities electricity or power dirty, which will cause damage to sensitive electronic devices, some power surge protector have only one stage clean AC power, and Monster Power Black Platinum 1200 offer 2 dual stages  filter can improve the performance improvement of the image quality of the video and audio devices such as display screens and HDTV, 4KTV and AV home theater, through filtration and energy balance to produce the best possible signal for the devices to display and long life for your electronics devices.


Keep safe your devices with Monster Fire Proof (MOV)

The feature FireProof in Monster Power Black Platinum 1200 different form another power surge protector, Its ability to increase the absorption of electrical spikes which will cause a fire, especially in places flammable and also rain, thunderstorms in bad climate in USA or through electrical detonators, and are absorbed these large energy through a new component called FireProof  MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor), to get rid of power surge and converted as heat, and most normal power surge protectors is a disaster, which is that the heat can be a fire your home or expansive devices, but with Monster FireProof MOV surge protectors technology will cover ceramic to absorbs excess heat and it would ensure that there was no fire in your home absolutely.


Ensure the quality of the connection speed reliable and charging USB faster safely

You can also take advantage of the option from monster power black platinum 1200 3.4A USB ports of charging very speed and super clean signals for the protection of portable mobile devices. And With reliable entertainment data Streaming and Gaming online The Powerline Communication adapter means you can use AC power lines to provide high-speed Internet Connection. For enjoy a better streaming video HD 1080p and gaming online experience.


Features Monster Power Black Platinum 1200

Monster Fire Proof (MOV)
3240 Joules of Protection
2 USB 3.4A outlets ports charge for protect mobile devices
12 surge protected outlets
1(PLC) Powerline Ethernet Port on unit with external Adapter
HD Clean Power Stage 2 for Better quality Sound and Picture
Up to $1,000,000 Warranty Connected Equipment
Comes with Cable/Satellite connection to protect your entire AV system

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Customer Reviews and Scores

The Monster Power Black Platinum 1200 power surge protector is very best investment to cover and secure your expansive equipment worth up to 10,000$ and get your the better performance from new electronic devices.

I found 11 customer reviews at this time of writing and they had awarded the Monster Power Black Platinum 1200 and rating 4.2 stars on average.

Would recommend. Had to call support customer Monster about LED Power Light not staying solid but blinking on and off every 20 seconds and tech said for that model it was normal. I called three times just to make sure, customer Support is very good and reliable to help me which is good to know if I have a issue that needs solving.

Simply I've purchased this Monster Power Black Platinum has the image quality is very nicely and sharp image and sound on the improved high definition television is also on the Simply I've purchased this device has the image quality is very nicely and sharp image and sound on the improved high definition television is also on the Satellite channels.

The best powerstrip, the powerline adapter solved my issue signal in our room above our garage. I always struggled with an internet signals and even purchased a wifi extender signal, which still did not solving . The signal to my xbox is now is great, no drops data while playing or data streaming movies. I highly recommend this product.


In summary, the Monster Power Black Platinum 1200 can useful for most tasks you throw at it, and is a highly rated and power surge protector. Well made and easy to use, most real buyers of this product are extremely pleased with their purchase and would highly recommend this power surge protector.

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